Foundation Board

The purpose of the of FB is to lay the “foundation” for long term funding of HC4A scholarship to credible organizations and leave the legacy of both HC4A and the FB Donors for each of the HC4A Chapters.

Foundation Board (FB) was proposed by Dr. Ishwar Thakkar (Austin) and was established in 2015.

HC4A FB donors are individuals who very much believe in HC4A work, may not have much time to run the charity, yearly donate at least $2,500 and openup their network to promote the cause and help sustain and recruit new FB Donors.

Each HC4A chapter will have its own independent FB, within HC4A guidelines.

The proceeds from the FB can only used to set up a local irrevocable endowment fund with credible organizations. 80% of the income will be used to provide scholarships to credible institutions.

The FB may appoint a Chair Person and any other positions or procedures related to the FB. They may provide direction to HC4A Executive Board which has the sole legal responsibility to run the charity according to the vision of the founder and the HC4A Bylaws.

Presently FB donors get a table for 10 at each of the fundraisers. They also have the privilege to host prominent guests.

Foundation Board donors may host quarterly meeting and also host wine & cheese events to invite new individuals to be part of the Board or otherwise help with the charity, including joining Executive Board.