What problem is HC4A trying to solve?

  • Over 2.5 million children and 40 million Americans are affected by poverty and homelessness
  • Education is the tool that will empower these people to also live and pursue the American dream

How does HC4A make an impact?

HC4A’s mission is to Bridge Income Disparity Through Education in the spirit of “Serve where you Live”. Founded in 2010, HC4A, helps all economically disadvantaged students by donating school supplies and providing vocational scholarships.

HC4A is 100% run by volunteers and 100% of proceeds from your donations are used to provide scholarships and school supplies. We serve our local community, and all monies collected are distributed locally.

HC4A is operating nationally with chapters in Texas and California.

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School Supplies – Based on data from Texas Homeless Education Office, we identify the schools with homeless children needing most help. We then provide them the school supplies that they distribute to the students. We have provided school supplies to Austin, Manor, Del Valle ISDs and many other smaller organizations that are connected directly to homeless students.

Vocational Training Scholarships – We provide broad guidelines to the institutions and entrust them to select students. The key points in the Guidelines are: The student must be living below federally defined guidelines. The main organizations receiving the scholarships are community colleges, organizations that help take head of household and help them until they find a job, schools with graduating high school students and some other organizations who work with students experiencing economic hardship.

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Harish Kotecha

The Award – Community Appreciation

In 2017, US President Donald Trump honored founder Harish Kotecha President’s “Lifetime Achievement Award”. The award reads “With grateful President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for their lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service.”

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This organization is a platinum-level GuideStar participant, demonstrating its commitment to transparency.