Our Team

HC4A is organized to have a governing National Executive Board that oversees the charity functions according to the bylaws. Regional Boards fall under National Board.

Each Regional Board is organized as:

  • Executive Board is responsible to manage the charity in the region including raising funds for programs and for event sponsorships, complying with the Bylaws and works under the directions of the National Board.
  • Foundation Board – the members donate a minimum of $2,500 that is used to create an endowment fund for that region. The endowment fund will list the contributing Foundation Board members and update the names annually. A portion of the income from the endowment fund will be used to provide scholarships in that region. The Foundation Board members may volunteer for the charity and also opens up their network to increase HC4A support.
  • Operation Board works under the direction of the Executive Board and executes on goals set up by the Executive Board.